The Crossroads - Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What the press say:

Described as a comic-philosopher ( Stuart Black's social commentary is truthful, intelligent and eloquent.  Stuart Black's style and intelligence set him apart as truly original and independent voice in comedy.

"Pitch black but spectacularly smart." - The List.

a pleasurable hour spent listening to a prodigious wordsmith with tight writing." - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
" He's an act with something to say, and a wonderful way of saying it." -

" Very enjoyable, very thoughtful – if Black isn't careful, he's going to become a cult comedian." -

"Beautifully poetic... [he is] a fascinating character seemingly straight out of a Kerouac novel" -

"Black is certainly speaking a very different language to many Fringe stand-ups." -

"Warm, engaging and dangerously funny." Rip it up Magazine, Adelaide

"...skilful delivery, matched with a care in choosing his language and imagery… one to watch."

"...elegant writing and relaxed style."

“Black takes on the down side of ordinary life and its infuriating issues and turns them into something all at once shocking, amazing, impossible and fantastic... “ DB Magazine - Adelaide
"he says things you won’t have heard before in an interesting, witty way, with lashings of aloof attitude."
"He’s often tipped as being one to watch for the future – it surely won’t be long until the future is now."

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